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Summer housing [11 May 2009|03:25am]

Hey all,

I'm doing research this summer and need some cheaper housing than the dorms. I have checked Stanford community housing and craigslist, to no avail (mostly too expensive / far). Is there any other on-campus housing that's cheaper than the dorms (like a coop)? Even better, is there a way to find out who in Escondido Village would want to sublet for the summer? Anyone know of any listings and/or people who want to do this?

Thanks in advance.

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Admit Week [04 Apr 2009|03:26pm]

What is Admit Week like, and how important is it to go? I was planning on visiting the school some time in April, but if I go next week it coincides with my April Break and I don't have to miss any school. I am timid by nature, and Admit Week seems a bit overwhelming and too "scheduled" to me. (I kind of like to do my own thing and am not so keen on "organized fun.") Any input would be appreciated. :)

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summer housing [15 Mar 2009|02:10am]

Hi everyone,
I'm an undergraduate and am thinking of staying on campus during summer quarter. I wouldn't be taking classes, just working at my on-campus job. Does anyone have any experience with this? I'd love to hear about how summer at Stanford is like in general (how dead is it?). Also, if anyone has specific information on how housing/meal plans work, that would be awesome. How much is campus housing? Do you need to buy a meal plan if you stay in campus housing? Are there cheaper options (maybe a sublet in palo alto)? Any thoughts would be super helpful. Thanks so much!

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how much is a lot of money? [14 Mar 2009|11:35pm]

[ mood | curious ]

I recently got an offer for the anthropology PhD program at Stanford which would come with a fellowship stipend of ca. $6900 for three quarters and a research fellowship of $5500 for the summer quarter. Now, as I am German and have no idea of the cost of living in Palo Alto etc. I was wondering how much this actually is? I mean, to me it seems an enormous amount of money but I have this suspicion that the cost of living around Stanford is really high.
So, especially if you are receiving such a fellowship stipend right now, how well can you actually live on this? Will I really be able to save gigantic amounts of money, as I now think? Or am I sadly mistaken?
Thanks a lot in advance!

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questions about american studies. [28 Feb 2009|06:15pm]

is anyone here an american studies major? how is the amstud department? do they make you read mulitple books per semester?

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university housing... [05 Feb 2009|10:04am]

does anyone know if any of the housing available for law school students is pet friendly? i've tried contacting the housing office via email and they don't get back to me.


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Stanford's Olympic Medal standing [18 Aug 2008|12:24pm]

So...I'm a Cal grad student (**take it easy people**) knee deep in a quirky debate with one of my Stanford pals. I was wondering if one of you fine Cardinal minds might be able to help us reach a resolution.

Basically, it's been widely advertised since yesterday that if Cal were a country, that would rank the Bears 12th (13 medals) in the overall medal standings between Ukraine (14) and the Netherlands (10).

My question is: Where does Stanford currently stand in the medal rankings? In the past, I know Stanford has earned over 13, but I can't seem to find where they are in this Olympics.

If my Stanford friend knows: he certainly isn't telling.

Not looking to offend anyone's school pride...but I am curious.

P.S> I've been scouring the Official Stanford Olympic site, and I haven't found much. Is there somewhere else I should be looking?

x-posted UC Berkeley LJ

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Housing [03 Aug 2008|06:54pm]

A friend of mine just got accepted to Stanford for grad school and is currently apartment hunting. He's not finding Craigslist to be very helpful. Does anyone have any tips for non-Craigslist ways of finding good housing in the area?

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Ugh, SATs [26 Jun 2008|10:45am]

I have a LOT of trouble with math, and I basically bombed that section on the SAT. I did pretty well on the writing and reading and essay, but the math? Uggghhh. So my question is, did anyone here get into Stanford despite abysmal SAT scores? Or did everyone get really, really good scores? Like, how much does that matter in the application process?

I'm trying not to lose all hope, but I'm starting to think just maybe I'm not Stanford material anymore.

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Verizon vs. AT&T [25 May 2008|01:31pm]

I'm an incoming new student and I've been hearing that cell phone reception on campus is horrible unless you have AT&T/Cingular. I currently have Verizon and would prefer to stay with it. I'm wondering how Verizon is on campus & in the dorm areas (I'll be living in Rains graduate housing) and if it is really strongly recommended that I switch to ATT/Cingular?

I noticed that a similar topic was posted here 2 years ago, but I'm just wondering if the situation has changed at all since then.

Thanks in advance! :)

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fountain hopping? [29 Apr 2008|03:09pm]

so i've been wondering... do any of you actually actively and/or regularly go fountain hopping? i keep wanting to go, but i can never find people from my house who want to go, and i always end up sadly sitting around in my room. it's not as fun going alone...

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<0 [20 Mar 2008|04:00pm]

You always hear about the positives of Stanford. I certainly know why Stanford is as amazing as it is.

But now I'm wondering, what are the negatives of Stanford? What do you personally not like about the school? It could be anything--petty or not.

(The few that I've heard: Duck Syndrome, crazy bike people, location.)

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Eeek? [19 Feb 2008|10:30pm]

[ mood | contemplative ]

I feel really ghetto asking for help like this, but maybe one of you can pity me and give an opinion?

GPA: Weighted: 3.5-ish, unweighted: 3.33-ish
Year: Junior year - only a year and a half to go!
Courseload: this year - three AP classes (AP English Language; AP US History; AP Psychology), Algebra II, Physics (although I'm regretting not choosing chemistry), Digital Photography.
Sports: None
SATs: Haven't taken them yet, but for what it's worth I scored 95th percentile on the English portions of the PSAT and 60th percentile on the math portions
Clubs: Global Awareness Club, Chess Club, Speech and Debate Team (although that might be an extracurricular), National Honors Society.
Extracurriculars: I've been dancing ballet folklorico (ethnic Mexican dance) since I was in the fifth grade but had to stop for a while because I couldn't find a group. I've done a lot of community service for my church, but not much else. :\ I travel a lot, to and from Mexico as well as to Australia and I'm going to Argentina on an exchange program this summer.
Employment: I've been working at my city's public library for about half a year. I've also worked previously at a pre-school transporting kids to and from a pool without losing them(summer job), and "unofficially" my dad's had me working since I was six years old selling eggs from door to door.

My biggest problem concerning grades is that in the past I've not *always* been the best student. I'm a mostly B student (exceptions: I get As in English and recently got As in all of my current AP courses), with the lone exception of PE in which I failed three semesters in a row. In my defense, I was at a school that I hated and when I was transferred to where I'm currently at, I passed two semesters of PE in one go. Next year I'm taking four AP courses (AP English Lit; AP Government; AP Calculus and AP Spanish). I'm really hoping that those rogue PE grades won't be the one thing that gets me rejected from Stanford, though.

If it helps, I'm planning on being a French major.


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Knight Rider [17 Feb 2008|09:20pm]

The new Knight Rider movie is set at "Stanford"! (It's filmed somewhere else)

From the show, there's a scene with a sign in the background reading:
"Go Cardinal! The AXE is Ours!"

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[14 Feb 2008|01:45pm]

Is anyone out there in the Documentary Master's program? I have some questions I'd love to ask someone with personal experience.

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EA Notification [14 Dec 2007|06:24pm]

So, I applied EA and they said that they would send out emails at 3:00 PST, and that the emails might reach us a little late. But it's been an hour and a half (I know, I'm paranoid...) and still nothing! Should I even worry?

Edit: Ah, got rejected. Oh well. I tried. =)

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Welcome 2011 [04 Sep 2007|08:10pm]

Just writing to let you know about a new website - uuni.com - developed for students at the world’s top universities, including Stanford. It’s a good place to interact with people from other schools in the U.S., as well as Europe, Australia, China, and India.

The uuni critter is really cute!

Plus some highlights-

1) Communicate with students from all over the world
2) Blogging, photography, and songwriting competitions. The prizes are trips to Australia, London, or New York to meet renowned professionals in the travel writing, photography, or music industry.
3) Earn some money participating in short online projects that pay $30+ an hour
4) In September, uuni will be launching the corporate site where recruiters from multinational firms will sign up to interact online with potential recruits, students like yourself.
5) In October, uuni will be launching a global entrepreneurship competition. The prize is $40,000 for the best business project idea.
6) No junk mail, I promise.

Hope you’ll check it out and consider joining uuni.com. Thanks for reading!

~Dianna, Stanford '09
uuni.com Stanford ambassador

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Berkeley? [05 Jun 2007|02:21pm]

Note: this is not to start a flame war.

A person and I have had a "discussion" on the views of Stanford students toward Berkeley students. I think you'd be pretty hard-pressed to find a Cal student who thinks that Stanford students are "subpar" in any way. But I don't think it'd be too difficult to find a Stanford student who turns his nose up at a state school.

In speaking to students about it, they all seemed to agree that Cal is an excellent school on par with Stanford, though recently I came across a student who truly does find Berkeley to be a rather "crappy" school and inferior to Stanford in every way. As he says:

"Stanford > Cal (which is mostly made up of stanford rejects)"

At any rate, I'm curious of your general opinions of Cal. Yeah, yeah, school rivalry and all that, but really, what do you think of the school?

(Sorry if something similar to this has been posted before.)

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Quarters [27 May 2007|01:17pm]

Hey-o. I come to plague you with questions!

Okay, according to collegeboard, Stanford runs on a quarter schedule. What would you say the stress level is at the time of finals? Do you think someone who's used to "taking it slow" when learning will do better in a school with a semester schedule or quarter? Does the kind of schedule even really matter?


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writing for the Stanford Daily! [26 May 2007|10:48am]

Hi Class of '11 (and others),

First off, congrats on your enrollment at Stanford. I hope you're looking forward to next September - you're going to love it here.

My name is Sam Bhagwat. I'm a sophomore and a managing editor at The Stanford Daily, an independent student-run newspaper and the only daily publication on campus. Our newspaper is a focal point of dialogue on campus - the current big story, on an imposter who pretended to be a Stanford student for eight months and lived in campus dorms, is inspiring incredulity across the Farm. We're wrapping up publication for this year, but are *actively recruiting* for next year. Whether or not you're thinking of journalism or something involving writing as a career, The Daily is a great organization to join - both for the interesting things you get to do and the fun you'll have.

Personally, for example, I've had the opportunity to write a 1500-word piece exploring the controversial campus alcohol policies. Writing an obituary, I got to talk to some of the legendary economist Milton Friedman's closest colleagues hours after his death. And the skills I've learned - in writing, editing, reporting, and BS detecting - will be invaluable after college. Plus, the newsroom atmosphere is relaxed and fun, and it's rewarding to see your byline in the paper and your fellow students reading your story.

If news, sports, or features reporting isn't your thing, there are also tons of other opportunities. Columnists share their quirky perspectives and personalities on the opinions page. Graphics and photo editors help keep the Daily colorful and catchy. Intermission, our weekly magazine, reviews the campus arts scene. The business side makes sure we continue to have revenue, and gives its employees an opportunity to hone their selling skills while earning large commissions.

And if you - as I - didn't do newspaper in high school, don't worry. Experienced editors are there to help you improve and be your support system. I encourage you to check out The Daily at stanforddaily.com, and to e-mail me at sbhagwat@stanford.edu if you think you'd be interested in writing next year. Thanks!


PS: If you found us at the Activities Fair during Admit Weekend, fear not - we already have your name and contact info.

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